What are the posts in an alumni committee?

President: Duties might include:

• Presiding at all meetings of the association and committee.

• Representing the association in its dealings with other organizations or people outside the association.

• Serving as the association’s liaison with the University.

Vice-President: Duties might include:

• Performing the duties of President in his or her absence and assisting as needed.

• The committee may wish to consider designating this post later as President.

Secretary: Duties might include:

• Responsibility for all correspondence and recording of minutes of meetings and communicating them to each Alumni Committee member.

• Preparing agendas for meetings in consultation with the President.

• Ensuring that notices of meetings are sent to association members as required.

Treasurer: Duties might include:

• Responsibility for the finances of the association, for maintaining accurate records and for preparing an annual statement of the association’s accounts.

• Setting up systems to deal with the association’s finances.

• Overseeing annual membership subscriptions if applicable in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.

Membership Secretary: Duties might include:

• Maintaining records of association members.

• Planning and implementing strategies for increasing membership and participation.

Event’s Organizer: Duties might include:

• Suggesting possible activities and events to the committee, investigating costs and venues.

• Responsibility for event planning and coordination.

Communications Officer: Duties might include:

• Writing and editing the association’s newsletter and/or other means of communicating with the membership.

• Making use of other available communication channels (e.g. links with Alumni Website).