Benefits of Alumni Association

The Alumni Association benefits the alumni, the institution, the faculty and the current students in many different ways. The Alumni association helps the Alumni Connect with their batch mates. It helps the Alumni to get updates from their school. It allows them to talk to the faculty of their institution. The alumni Association helps them to find their schoolmates across the world. It also provides opportunities for professional growth and social interaction Events can also be organised such as reunions etc for the Alumni. The Alumni association also benefits the institution in many ways:- It creates Brand Recognition for the institution. A store is also available to the Alumni which provide merchandise which in turn will generate additional income to the institution. Placements are organised with the help of the Alumni which help the current students. Sharing pictures and videos keeps the Alumni in loop. The Alumni Association helps to generate additional income with the help of which the institution can help needy students and will also work as goodwill for the institution. Career guidance is given to the current student by the Alumni.