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Why people attend reunions?

Organzing a reunion can be a daunting task. But if the committee understands "why people attend reunions", it should  be much easier.

After attending more than 25 reunions in past 6-8 months, I have understood the motivations of alumni attending reunions.

So what does a good reunion look like?
It is meant to be a fun party where people meet their old classmates, have a nostalgic time, and a section of the attendees would want to network for professional purposes.

Changing Education Paradigms

Everyone in the industry knows that Education has to change. But what does it have to be?

For that we first need to realize what’s wrong with the current system. This video is by far the best attempt I have seen at analyzing why current education system is no longer relevant.

What do you think?

How NOT to make an Alumni Website

We deal with a lot of Alumni associations and managers. Most of them have websites. And majority of those understand the value of the network they have created.

To leverage this value, they create a website which has “Alumni Directory”. The idea is noble, unless, some web designer makes all the information available like it was a public directory.

We regularly come across alumni websites which have personal data of alumni community available for public.

Alumni and all the Nostalgia

It is said that best days of our lives are school days.

We remember all the great times that we had when we were kids when we meet our old friends. It’s Reunion time. Organizing a reunion has always been a tricky affair – mainly because we never get to everyone in our batch, let alone the entire school/college.

Then, there are those who receive invitations very late because most of these invites are passed in a chain format and on general purpose social networks like Facebook.

The Alumni Portal’s sleek new backend design

The Alumni Portal gets a shiny new backend.

This backend not only provides visual appeal and simplicity but also helps speed up the routine tasks that an Administrator has to do.

Check out the screenshots.

Why it is good to join Alumni Community

Students these days have got immense pressure on themselves and therefore there arises a need of a community where the entire group of Students can come together and share and explain the problems which they come across during their academic year.

Find old friends using The Alumni Portal

The best things in life come in threes; like friends, dreams and memories, someone once observed.  And how true has been this observation. The thing about old friends is that we get so used to them being around, we get so comfortable with them that we do not notice their flaws any longer.  Our memories with them always bring joy to our hearts and smiles on our faces.

Why bother connecting with your Alumni?

Your Alumni are all the students who have passed out from any course of your institute.  By any course, we mean any full time or part time core or non-core course that you as an institute have offered to the public.  A simple internet search would lead you to numerous training programs on networking skills. You may also find in the curriculum of many management institutes that ‘business networking’ is an elective for those who wish to ‘crack super deals’ with high-profile clients.  As a management institute, you need to be in touch with all your stakeholders as well.

When Alumni become course designers

There is an explosion of management institutes in the last decade all over the world.  The reasons are many, some of them being the unrestricted access to knowledge sharing by industry experts, social networking opportunities, industrial visits,  multiple job offers and considerable higher pay.  Aspiring management graduates get to know in a regulated and simulated environment what the corporate buzz is all about.