Why it is good to join Alumni Community

Students these days have got immense pressure on themselves and therefore there arises a need of a community where the entire group of Students can come together and share and explain the problems which they come across during their academic year. Joining student communities is not only beneficial in terms of solving the problems related to their College projects during the academic year, but it may also be helpful for the students in organising some creative events or extracurricular activities for themselves where the students can have an opportunity to showcase their talents not in only in front of their seniors but also to the entire college faculties. Every University has a Alumni Association in it where the head of the association plays an important role in taking major decisions regarding the Benefits of the students. The year 2012, we witnessed a major chaos amongst the students where one of the Question papers got leaked and the university now has decided to take a re-examination of the leaked paper. Here in this case the entire Students committee came together in filing a petition to the university against re-examination.