Why bother connecting with your Alumni?

Your Alumni are all the students who have passed out from any course of your institute.  By any course, we mean any full time or part time core or non-core course that you as an institute have offered to the public.  A simple internet search would lead you to numerous training programs on networking skills. You may also find in the curriculum of many management institutes that ‘business networking’ is an elective for those who wish to ‘crack super deals’ with high-profile clients.  As a management institute, you need to be in touch with all your stakeholders as well. And your alumni association is an important part of this group of stakeholders.  Why do you think you should bother with connecting with your alumni at all?  They have of course taken their inputs and passed out from their courses and your duty as a management institute has been done.  So, why then invest in reconnecting with your ‘ex-students’?