How NOT to make an Alumni Website

We deal with a lot of Alumni associations and managers. Most of them have websites. And majority of those understand the value of the network they have created.

To leverage this value, they create a website which has “Alumni Directory”. The idea is noble, unless, some web designer makes all the information available like it was a public directory.

We regularly come across alumni websites which have personal data of alumni community available for public.

Once such blaring case is a high profile school in Mumbai. You will find high profile people from Bollywood, Politics and Business in their alumni list. The sad part is that they have done very little to protect their personal information. Entire alumni list is available online – without any authentication. I could run a script and get the entire data neatly in excel format.

Right from Shashi Tharoor to Rishi Kapoor to Neville Wadia, we can see them all.

The right way is to have the directory accessible only to their alumni via a secure login system. That’s when networks become secure as well as powerful.